Studio 26 is a full service design studio specialized in custom WordPress sites and graphic design. At our studio we mainly focus on online marketing, branding, and web development.

We believe in strong communication to establish the right online presence for your business. At Studio 26, we are passionate about helping other business owners and entrepreneurs to reach their dreams. From websites to branding material, we ensure your message will go across reaching your perfect target audience.

As a small business, we understand the main challenges our clients face daily and the struggles of getting your business out there, that’s why we are dedicated to help other entrepreneurs to establish their business through innovative strategies and a professional approach.

So let us help you push your business forward!


Genesis Alvarez

Designer and illustrator currently living in Vancouver Canada Genesis in charge of the design of all our works

Josuar Ochoa

Developer and photographer currently living in medellin colombia Josuar is responsible for strategy behind all our web pages